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The Birth of Queen Bee's Haven

As a teen mother, I was privileged to have a loving support system from the very beginning; from the time my family first learned that I was expecting at age sixteen until this present day. I understood how fortunate and blessed I was because unfortunately, not all teen moms had the same opportunities.


In August of 2000, I remember driving past a facility that provided resources for teen mothers. I had an immediate desire to get involved with the center and volunteer. Unfortunately, the center closed down a few months later due to the lack of funding. I held the disappointment in my heart, of a place dedicated to helping others in my same situation, did not succeed.


One morning in the month of October 2016, I was taking inventory of my life. I thought about the next phase of my life, and what was next. At the time, my youngest son was in high school, and I thought about what I would do once he left for college. I was looking for something more fulfilling than the typical corporate work experience.  With the additional time on my hands, I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. I desired to start something meaningful, something impactful. I wanted to build a legacy. I wanted to leave a legacy.


One day I was reminded of Queen Bee’s Haven. I immediately became excited. My mind started wondering; a sense of excitement and urgency came over me. It was then that I knew what I wanted to build and what I wanted to leave behind.


I begin to think about what I could do to help underprivileged teen moms. How can I help them and make a difference in their lives; how can I create a robust support system to thrive, regardless of their situation or circumstance. I want to be able to help them accept what it is to move forward with their lives, birth their child(ren), and rear them to become model citizens in society.


I desired to build a support system that underprivileged teen mothers needed, one which encourages and inspires them to develop proper parenting skills. I want to lay a foundation that focuses on continuing education and following a desired career path. In essence, I want to be the Queen Bee! The Queen Bee takes care of all the bees in the colony.


The purpose of Queen Bee’s Haven is to inspire, empower, and equip teen moms to reach their full potential as parents and individuals. Thereby allowing teens to develop into adults who make a difference in their lives, society, and the world. I want to be a part of “BIRTHING GREATNESS.”

Samantha Hill ~

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